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Progesta PlusTM Natural Progesterone Cream
Reasons to use natural progesterone Progesta PlusTM Competition
Remedies menopause and PMS symptoms YES. Contains 480 mg per ounce of pure USP natural progesterone derived from wild yam root.  Yam cream is not progesterone. Read the label, progesterone must be clearly listed.
Safe alternative to prescription drugs and Synthetic Hormonal Replacement Therapy  YES. Only pure natural progesterone is used. No adverse side effects. Safer than Provera and Premarin (see Physician's Desk Reference) DHEA, Diosgenin, yam cream and precursors are not converted by the human body into progesterone and are not effective.
Builds new bone reverses Osteoporosis YES. Builds new bone mass and density, regardless of a women's age. Peak bone mass occurs in mid 30's. Significant bone loss occurs 10-15 years before menopause when estrogen levels are normal. Only pure natural progesterone in proper concentration and dosage will work.
Protects against fibrocystic breast tumors, hot flashes migraines and more YES. Natural progesterone balances estrogenic dominance in foods, industrialized environments, petrochemicals pollutants and aging factors. Only if natural progesterone is blended into a skin cream formula easily and effectively absorbed.
Guaranteed freshness  YES. Exclusive airtight container assures potency prevents oxidation. Two year minimum shelf life. Jars are open to the atmosphere and lack hygienics
Sealed pump dispenser and correct daily dosage YES. Sealed pump dispenser assures correct dosage of 20mg natural progesterone per day as recommended by John Lee, MD.* Jars and tubes have you guessing as to dosage amount, critically important for benefits and effectiveness.
FDA registered facility YES. Produced in our laboratory. Marketing companies often contract lowest cost producers that are not FDA facilities.
Dr. Lee approved formula YES. Endorsed and approved. Some are, ask.
Quality ingredients from natural sources YES. Aloe, Primrose, Vitamin E, Red Clover, Liposomes, Rosemary oil, Shea butter, Siberian ginseng. Often use petroleum jells, lanolin, vegetable oils fillers etc. Read label carefully
Better Value: 3 oz pump dispenser verses 2 oz jars and tubes. YES. $34.95 retail costs only $11.65 per oz. You get sixty 'pumps' of cream in each container, 20 mg per pump of pure natural USP progesterone. 2 oz jars and tubes (with progesterone) costs more per ounce and lower concentration means more must be used for proper dosage.